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Rebecca Black

30 Mar

rebecca black, friday, will never have a boufriend, cereal


28 Mar


(Submitted by John)

Sylvester Stallone

24 Mar

sylvester stallone, rambo, younger, he will never have a girlfriend

Hillary Duff

23 Mar

Hillary Duff, she will never have a boyfriend, meme, cereal guy, disney, lizzie mcguire

Marge Simpson

22 Mar

Marge Simpson

Kristen Stewart

21 Mar

kristen stewart, twilight, robert pattenson, bella, edward, she will never have a boyfriend

The Beast

18 Mar

beauty and the beast, disney, he will never have a girlfriend, belle

Justin Bieber

17 Mar

jestin bieber looks like a girl, justin bieber dressed as a girl, justin bieber with a wig on, justin bieber photoshop

Jenni Farley (JWoww)

16 Mar

Jwow, J wow, jersey shore, MTV, she will necer have a boyfriend, fake boobs, playboy

Jennifer Garner

14 Mar

Jennifer Garner, dorky, will never have a boyfriend, ben aflek