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Carrie Underwood

22 Aug

carrie underwood, he will never have a girlfriend, she will never have a boyfriend, yearbook photo, childhood photo

(Submitted by Jenny)

Rebecca Black

30 Mar

rebecca black, friday, will never have a boufriend, cereal

Justin Bieber

17 Mar

jestin bieber looks like a girl, justin bieber dressed as a girl, justin bieber with a wig on, justin bieber photoshop

Amy Winehouse

11 Mar

drugs are bad, amy winehouse, amy winehouse yound, amy winehouse 2003, amy winehouse before drugs, amy winehouse boob job, any winehouse cocaine

Remember kids: Drugs are bad.

Taylor Swift

9 Mar

Taylor swift, boyfriend, new album

Katy Perry

7 Mar

Katy Perry, Russel Brand, she will never have a boyfriend, christan album

Joey Fatone

28 Feb

joey fatone, n'sync, nsync, married, is ugly, he will never have a girlfriend

Joe Jonas

25 Feb

he iwll never have a girlfriend, joe jonas, jonas brothers, disney, taylor swift, demi lovato, camilla, ashley grene, twilight, player, concerts, does joe jonas straighten his hair

Aubrey Drake Graham (Drake)

24 Feb

Aubrey Drake Graham, drake, rapper, degrassi, he will never have a girlfriend

Michael Jackson

23 Feb

Michael Jackson, he will never have agirlfriend, jackson 5, protofol, murder, death, children